Please read the following agreement carefully and affix your name and signature if you are in agreement. This document is legally binding even in the instance where you have not read its content.


The SMR Cricket Academy, its directors, coaches, employees and participants, volunteers, and sponsors are not responsible for any injury to person, damage or loss of any nature that a participant may suffer while participating during a program/activity or while representing the Academy

Associated Risks

Cricket is a lovely game. However there are some risks associated. I acknowledge that I am aware of the following risks which include, but are not limited to,:

Injury due to:

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Collision/contact with fellow participants, playing /preparation equipment, advertising boards, walls & spectators.
  • Improper use of cricket equipment or structural/mechanical failure of same.
  • Training routines which may include cardiovascular activities, weights, stretching running & other physical activities.
  • Frequent bending which is a physical requirement for all aspects of the game of cricket.
  • Inclement weather conditions which may lead to slipping, sliding, hyperthermia or hypothermia.
  • Travelling assignments.
  • Failure to comply with instructions issued during training

Release of Liability

I agree that I am solely responsible for all injury, damage or loss of any nature which may occur while I am a participant in the Oakville Cricket Academy activities and will assume all risks associated with my participation. I release the academy from liability of any kind even in the instance where it may have been caused by the negligence of the Academy.