Rules & Regulaltion

  1. Uniform is necessory during practice and matches.
  2. Discipline is must all the time.
  3. Trainees should report before time of practice. Late comers will be send back.
  4. Please maintain a diary/ notebook and make a note of important points.
  5. Please do not lend or borrow cricket equipments.
  6. You will be responsible for your own kit/ belongings. Please secure your things with a lock.
  7. Carry your own drinking bottle.
  8. Don't leave the ground without informing to the concerned person.
  9. Any suggestions/ complain may be given in writiing only.
  10. Reaching the match venue is your responsibility.
  11. Team comes first, no player is more important than team.
  12. Age: Children of 6 to 19 years of age would be admitted.
  13. No refund of fee at any circumstances.